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Ag Classes Update

Armstrong Township High School Agriculture Classes Highlight:

Basic Ag Mechanics: The students started their welding unit. They are learning how to stick weld, as well as using the torch to cut pieces of metal to practice their welding on! Many of the student are enjoying learning a new skill and are improving everyday!

Ag Mechanics and Technology: These 3rd year students have been working on a loafing shed designed for horses.

Ag Science: We have been talking about food preservation and the students have been broken into groups and assigned different techniques to research how to preserve food. With that research that they find they are to form a convincing debate as to why their technique is the best one to use. The groups will be going head to head in heated debates with only one group and their technique coming out as the winner!

Ag Communications and Leadership: These students have been working on promoting and organizing a plan for our upcoming auction!

Introduction to Agriculture: We just finished setting up everyone’s record book and SAE (supervised agriculture experience) projects and are practicing how to enter records by playing Monopoly. The students play a game of Monopoly and each turn that they roll and move their game piece is recorded into their record book to mimic what they will be doing for their projects.

Horticulture: Students are working hard on cleaning out and organizing the greenhouse and getting it ready for our upcoming plant delivery.