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Red Ribbon Week Oct. 28-Nov.1, 2019

Red Ribbon Week at ATHS runs from Oct. 28 to Nov. 1.  Join in on the dress up days.  Say no to drugs and alcohol.

STAND Club and Red Ribbon Week

Members of the STAND Club feel they had a great Red Ribbon Week.  Most students participated in the “Dress Up” days, and more than 3/4 of the students in the school signed pledge cards to remian “Drug Free”.  The first ever Door Decorating Contest was a great success with 6 doors (Mr. Dunlavey, Mrs. Ashcraft, Ms. Schleet, Mrs Young, Mrs. Heidrick and Mr. Loschen)  encouraging students to remain drug free.  The students look forward to an even better Red Ribbon Week next year and are ready to start planning Post Prom activities!  If you have any questions about STAND or Red Ribbon Week, please call me at or call 217-569-2122.

Door Decorating for Red Ribbon Week 2017

2017 Red Ribbon Week Oct. 30 – Nov. 3

STAND Club will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week during the week of October 30th thru November 3rd.  Activities include Lunchtime Trivia,Pinning members, all school Pledge Card signings, and Dress Up Days.

Days include:

Monday Oct. 30- Red Day– Get “Red”  of Drugs and Support STAND!

Tuesday Oct. 31- Halloween Costume Day– Scare away Drugs!

Wednesday Nov 1- Team Sports Day- Team Up Against Drugs!

Thursday Nov. 2 – Patriotic Day- Red White and Blue-  Pledge to be Drug Free!

Friday Nov. 3 – Neon colors and Sunglasses– We’re too bright for drugs!


Students will be given the opportunity to sign a Pledge card and recieve a Red Ribbon..

Red Ribbon Week at ATHS

STAND encourages it members to be positive role models for the school so to help celebrate Red Ribbon Week at ATHS the following dress up days are planned beginning on Oct. 31

Monday:  It’s Halloween so scare away drugs by wearing your best costume

Tuesday:  This school is too smart for drugs; bust out your crazy cool nerd gear

Wednesday:  Dare to be a hero and say no to drugs; dress up like a super hero

Thursday:  Don’t let drugs hinder your future; show us what you can be, dress for your future career

Friday: Red Out Day! Represent for red ribbon week and wear as much red as you can