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Officer Retreat

More challenges for the officers! Set up camp, build a fire, prepare their dinners, untangle themselves and learn more about each other!!  Officer retreat 2018 is a blast so far!The officer retreat the students teamed up with other schools from Section 18 to work on their leadership skills. They participated in the challenge course at Allerton Park and went over what it meant to be a great leader and how they can take these skills back to their own chapters. 2018 officer retreat was a success! Excited for them to be the leaders of the Armstrong FFA!

State Convention

Two weeks ago, 9 students and Miss Foran traveled to the BOS Convention Center in Springfield, IL for the 90th annual State Convention! We enjoyed sessions where the chapter was recognized for the Bronze award for their National Chapter Award as well as Noah Mockbee getting recognized for his State Proficiency Award for his Tree Service. It was a great trip!

CASE Curriculum Training for Agricultural Science Education

While the students have been enjoying their summer’s, Miss Foran has been at Kansas State University for 10 days taking a CASE Curriculum Training for Agricultural Science Education. She has learned a TON and cannot wait to implement the new curriculum in her classes next year!


Banquet 2018

On Tuesday, May 15th, the Armstrong FFA hosted their annual banquet in the high school cafeteria and it was a great success! We had a lot of supporters come and witness the students be recognized for all of their hard work over this past year. We are very excited for how well the year went and are looking forward to next year. Thank you to all of those who came out and supported us, our organization would not be possible without you.

FFA Farm Plot

We owe a big thank you to Mark Pflugmacher, Michael Schluter, Stutsman Ag and Illini FS for making an FFA Plot possible for our chapter. Last week members, who are apart of our Farm Management Team, helped run the vacuums while Mr. Schluter planted multiple different varieties of corn in our plot! Can’t wait to monitor it over the summer!


Safety Day

A couple of our members volunteered their time at the Vermilion County Fairgrounds where they helped Carle facilitate a Farm Safety Day for the local grade schools. Cheyenne and Katelyn led an activity for the students while Aidan and Zach were the muscle and help behind the scenes!


Busy Weekend!

The past weekend the Armstrong FFA members kept busy! Held their first plant sale, cleaned up our adopted highway AND help an FFA fun night at the high school. It was all a blast!


Our first plant sale starts TOMORROW!! Make sure you come out to support the Armstrong FFA and Horticulture class and see the results of their hard work over this past semester.


4″ pots = $3

6″ pots = $4

4 packs = $4

Handing baskets and Standing pots = $15

May 4th: 11am-2pm

May 5th: 10am-4pm

May 6th: 12pm-4pm

Hope to see you there!

State Proficiency Winner

*Late Post*

On Saturday, March 24th, Noah Mockbee competed with his record book at the State Proficiency Award Contest. The best part? HE WON.

Noah Mockbee is the Forest Management and Products State Proficiency Award Winner! It is well deserved after all of the hard work he has put into his tree service as well as his record book!

He will be recognized at the 2018 State FFA Convention this summer in Springfield, IL. Congrats Noah!

Armstrong FFA Alumni Meeting

Our Next FFA Alumni Meeting is on May 8th at 7pm in the High School Ag Shop! Hope to see you all there!

Remember: You don’t have to be an alumni of FFA or Armstrong High School, just have to be out of high school!