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Ag Sales CDE 2018

Last night, 3 students traveled to Paris, IL to compete in the Section 18 Ag Sales CDE. Unfortunately, we did not have a 4th person so our team was not complete, but that did not stop these kids from placing 6th out of 8 teams! I can only imagine how well they would have done if they had that last team member. Special congratulations to Makayla Learned for placing in the top 10 students (8th) out of the 24 that competed.

Great job Armstrong FFA!

FFA Bonfire 2018

The students enjoyed a great bonfire and snacks for the annual FFA bonfire. They had a great night!

National Convention 2018

The Armstrong FFA attended the 91st National FFA Convention. There, the students attended sessions, listened to motivational speakers, heard from industry leaders, learned about different successful chapters from across the country, met FFA members from all over the country, see Garth Brooks live, attended a rodeo and worked together as a team to escape from a room! The students and Miss Foran had a blast and learned a lot.

Chapter Meeting 11/17

The Armstrong FFA had a chapter meeting at the high school where the officer team discussed upcoming events and competitions. The students enjoyed pizza and games!

Guest Speaker

Thank you to Margie Menacher for coming in and educating the Ag Business class on the world of Ag Marketing! The students enjoyed the goodies you brought!

Potomac Parade

On Saturday the Armstrong FFA participated in the Potomac Parade! Although it was a chilly day, the students still had a great time! Thank you to Mrs. Bruno for standing in for Miss Foran!

Leadership Training School

Last Wednesday night, Sept. 26th a group of Armstrong FFA members traveled to DACC to participate in the Section 18 Leadership Training School. There, the students mingled with other members from their section, met local leaders in the Ag industries and played games that strengthened their own leadership skills. The students had a great time and learned a lot!

FFA Farm Plot

Thank you to Mr. Schluter and Mr. Pflugmacher for donating your time and equipment in order to harvest the FFA plot! We are looking forward to digging into the data collected!

Chapter Visit

Thank you to the Illinois State FFA Secretary, Miriam Hoffman and the Section 18 President, Daniel Bass for doing a chapter visit with the Basic Ag Mechanics class. They learned about goal setting as well as re-evaluating those goals when they do not work out as planned. The students had a blast and learned a lot!

Tractor Safety CDE

Congratulations to the Armstrong FFA Tractor Safety CDE Team for their 1st place finish last night!

Four students competed in the competition where they had to back a 4 wheel rack and a 2 wheel rack through 2 separate obstacle courses, take a test about tractors and their safety and identify 10 different safety hazards on a tractor.

Individually, we had 3 students place in the top 10!

Dylan Knight placed 1st

Marshall Gudauskas placed 3rd

Luke Gordon placed 10th

Great job to those boys and the rest of the team!

A special thanks to Chuck, Kenny and the I & I Tractor Club for hosting us as well as well as providing the tractors and wagons for the competition!