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Ag Classes Update

Armstrong Township High School Agriculture Classes Highlight:

Basic Ag Mechanics: The students started their welding unit. They are learning how to stick weld, as well as using the torch to cut pieces of metal to practice their welding on! Many of the student are enjoying learning a new skill and are improving everyday!

Ag Mechanics and Technology: These 3rd year students have been working on a loafing shed designed for horses.

Ag Science: We have been talking about food preservation and the students have been broken into groups and assigned different techniques to research how to preserve food. With that research that they find they are to form a convincing debate as to why their technique is the best one to use. The groups will be going head to head in heated debates with only one group and their technique coming out as the winner!

Ag Communications and Leadership: These students have been working on promoting and organizing a plan for our upcoming auction!

Introduction to Agriculture: We just finished setting up everyone’s record book and SAE (supervised agriculture experience) projects and are practicing how to enter records by playing Monopoly. The students play a game of Monopoly and each turn that they roll and move their game piece is recorded into their record book to mimic what they will be doing for their projects.

Horticulture: Students are working hard on cleaning out and organizing the greenhouse and getting it ready for our upcoming plant delivery.

Auction Update

Together with the Armstrong FFA Alumni we have been working hard on planning our Auction that is on March 10th at 4pm at the High School! We have compiled many donations to be auctioned off and are still looking for great items! If you or anyone you know would like to donate to our auction, that would be greatly appreciated!

Feel free to contact Miss Foran through email (sforan@aths225.org) or phone (217-569-2122) if you have any questions or if you would like to donate.

We will keep an updated list of donated items, so keep your eyes peeled!

We hope to see you at our auction!


Some of the items that have been donated so far are:

Tractor Metal Picture from Jessie Starkey
Pedal Tractor from Birkey’s
Feeding Trough from Owen Mockbee & Ross Construction
Fighting Illini Football Tickets
Several Gift Cards from a variety of restaurants and stores

Thank you to these donors and keep checking our page as we revel more and more donation items!

Our First Auction Donation!!!

The Armstrong FFA received their first donation for their auction that is coming up on March 10th at 4pm in the High School Cafeteria!! Thank you to the Danville, Illinois Culver’s for donating a variety of coupons to be auctioned off. Make sure to come out and support the FFA and eat some delicious food!

FFA Alumni Auction


Here is an update on the Auction:

  • March 10th at 4pm in the Armstrong Township High School Cafeteria
  • If you would like to donate any items or make a donation for the cause that would be greatly appreciated! Please contact Miss Foran at 217-569-2122 Ext: 1018 or sforan@aths225.org if you are interested in making a donation
  • We will be posting updates about the donation items we have received on the school site, so be sure to look out for those updates!

We hope to see you all at the auction!

Let Miss Foran know if you have any questions.

First Annual Armstrong FFA Auction!


The Armstrong FFA and the Armstrong FFA Alumni will be hosting an auction on March 10th from 4-8pm in at the Armstrong Township High School. Please be on the lookout for more information as we get closer to the date!

Highway Clean Up

On November 7th, the Armstrong Township High School Horticulture class put on their reflective vests, grabbed trash bags and headed out to the highway that was adopted by the Armstrong FFA! There, they worked together to clean up litter that covered the ditches. We are thankful to be able to give back to a community that benefits our FFA Chapter so much.


Dodgeball Tournament

Last Thursday, November 16th, the Armstrong FFA hosted a Dodgeball Tournament here at the High School. Kansas brought two teams of their own and Hoopeston brought three students that joined in one of the Armstrong teams. Overall we had six teams compete in the tournament, with one of the Armstrong teams coming in first place and a Kansas team coming in second. Before the tournament, the students enjoyed Papa John’s pizza and homemade cookies that were baked by one of Armstrong’s officers, Natalie Schluter! The idea of the dodgeball tournament came from one of our Vice Presidents, Zach Birge. The Armstrong FFA would like to make this event a tradition from here on out. Thank you to all who came out and supported the Armstrong FFA and the teams who competed in the tournament!

FFA Alumni meeting

Tonight in the Ag Shop at 7 there will be an alumni meeting. Hope to see you there! Let me know if you have any questions!

Ag Sales CDE / Grain Fair

On Thursday, November 9th, Mr. Harlan and I took 4 students (Aidan Cunningham, Zach Birge, Cheyenne Cade and Jerid Myler) to Paris High School to compete in the Ag Sales CDE (Career Development Event). There, as a team, the students had to come up with a presentation to sell a Kabota RTV to a panel of judges, answer any questions about the product, and take a test involving ag sales questions. The students all did very well and learned a lot!

We also had students competing in the Grain Fair. The students had to complete a record book and bring in samples of their crop. We had 8 students enter in their crops, they were: Caleb Elliott, Johnathan Lyons, Ty Mabry, Carla Gann, Noah Mockbee, Hope Hambleton, Aidan Cunningham and Dylan Knight. The students will receive compensation for their hard work!

Safety Day with Carle

Last Monday, Oct. 23rd, a representative visited from Carle Hospital to talk with two of the classes about grain bin safety. They went over the importance of following the safety rules, and what to do in an emergency. For fun, the students got to see how much weight they could pull out of a grain bin, which made it more realistic of how impossible it is to save people from an entrapment.