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District 4 Proficiencies

March 7th @ Sullivan High School

Congrats to Makayla Learned for placing 2nd in the District 4 Proficiency Awards in the Veterinary Science Area! Her interview went great and with a little more experience her record book will go far in the coming years!

ACES Ag Open House

On March 8th, students traveled to the U of I for the ACES Ag Open House. They had a great time learning about all the opportunities the U of I has to offer.

Ag Mechanics CDE

Congrats to Kayden Turner for placing 3rd in the Ag Power section of the Section 18 Ag Mechanics CDE this past Wednesday night! He represented the chapter well!

Ag in the Classroom

The Ag Business Management had another successful Ag in the Classroom lesson at Armstrong Ellis Grade School. They taught the 4th and 5th graders about soil and its importance! The students loved building their own edible soil horizons.

Gordyville Tractor Pulls

Armstrong FFA worked the Gordyville Tractor Pulls in early January. The students were in charge of pulling the smoke tube on the track, we all had a blast!

Auction Donations

Students have been working hard on collecting donations for their upcoming Auction!

Proficiency Awards and State FFA Degrees

On January 25th we had students competing at the proficiency awards with their record books as well as two students interview to get their Illinois State Degrees, which is the highest degree that is awarded by the IL State FFA Association. Makayla Learned won her proficiency area of Veterinary Science and will move onto compete at the District 4 Proficiencies. Good luck Makayla!

Gabi Hudson and Cheyenne Cade interviewed and have been approved by Section 18 to receive their IL State FFA Degree as long as the State Association approves their application. Good luck to Gabi and Cheyenne!

Homecoming Court 2018

Congratulations to our homecoming court.

Senior Queen Candidates:  Jenna Muench, Julie Mulvaney, Sarah Porter, Grace Reynolds

Senior King Candidates:  Nick Cannon, Bryce Franzen , Austin Keen, Dalton Loschen,

Freshman Attendants: Mattie Kennel and  Brody Howard

Sophomore Attendants: Emma Franzen and  Rylee Showalter

Junior Attendants: Natalie Schluter and Dylan Knight

Homecoming Week 2018

Homecoming week is Nov. 26 through Dec. 1, 2018.  The basketball game is Friday, Nov. 30 vs. Judah Christian–jv game starts at 6pm.  The homecoming dance is on Saturday, Dec. 1 from 7pm to 11pm.  Coronation is at 8pm.

Dress up days:

Monday–Meme day

Tuesday–Character day

Wednesday–Class color day; Freshmen – Green, Sophomores – Red, Juniors – Blue, Seniors – Black, Staff – Purple

Thursday – Decades day, Freshmen – 1970’s, Sophomores – 2000’s, Juniors – 1990’s, Seniors 1980’s, Staff – 1960’s

Friday – Team Spirit Day!!!

Horticulture Class

Greenhouses the Horticulture class built when they were learning about the different types!